MTG Blogs, etc.

Here are a few things that have come across our radar. If you you have a Magic themed blog or something of the same ilk and would like it listed here, please send the link to for considerations. Thanks and enjoy.

The Starkington Post is a daily updated blog on Magic: The Gathering. Written by industry insider Bill Stark, the blog features an inside look at the Pro Tour, players and their communities, modern decks and strategies, and news updates on Wizards of the Coast and the gaming community. Set your bookmarks to and make sure to check back each day for the latest in the world of Magic: The Gathering.

Want to watch some MTG. This is the place.

The Gents at GGsLive bring broadcasts of your favourite game right into your home.

Be sure to check it out at is a blog produced by Mike Flores and Brian David Marshall. It contains tournament reports, deck list reviews and podcasts of relevant Magic the gathering material.

Five with Flores is a blog produced by Mike Flores. It's mostly about Magic: The Gathering.

It's somewhat about other stuff that is interesting, including his everyday life, a little marketing, a little comic books.

Oh, and food.(God Bless Him - DHT)

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