Local Store Special Events

Action Sports Khans of Tarkir Prerelease

Magic Prerelease this weekend! Sept 19-21!
$25 Sealed
Friday (midnight)
Saturday 2pm and 4pm
Sunday 10am and 2pm
Fetch lands are back!

Win More Games KTK Prerelease

It's the Prerelease and it's only $20! Same pack prizes, door prizes, and donuts on Saturday morning. :)

Friday @ Midnight
Saturday @ 10am, 2pm, & 6pm
Sunday @ 2pm

Magelings - Fall States - 11 OCT 2014

SCG Fall State Championship
Entry $25
Format Standard
Location TBD

Collector's Cache KTK Prerelease

Location:Collector's Cache
13354 College BLVD
$25 Entry Fee for each event played in.
Midnight Madness!!!
Registration begins at 11PM on Friday September 19th
Hand out product at MIDNIGHT on Saturday September 20th
Get there early to make sure that you get signed up in time to see the newest cards before anyone else.

For the rest of Saturday we will have events starting at...


Events start at Noon and 3PM

Questions? Contact Steve Ferrell (feralevents1@aol.com) or Lloyd T. Dodson Jr. (d_h_thomas@hotmail.com).
You can also reach Steve by phone at (913)-208-6695 or Lloyd at (913)-620-4953.